How does it work?

1. Details of the Client are passed to UMS by our panel of solicitors. These include, name, address, and contact number, DOB and accident circumstances and the stage of claim. The majority of claimants are triaged at the beginning of the claim; however we do deal with claimants who have been recommended for physiotherapy at a later stage.

2. Contact is made with the client and the initial assessment takes place.

3. At the initial assessment we assess the level of pain, current physical state, medication requirements and any restrictions to movement or daily affairs.

4. Each client is provided with an accompanying pain reduction booklet.

5. After the client is assessed our GP then produces a diagnostic and triage report, detailing the clients injuries and restrictions on daily living.


6. UMS then contact the Solicitor advising on the clients assessment and pain level and any further relevant injury information
7. The report is simultaneously sent to the third party insurers whereby payment on account is requested so that treatment may commence and the client can begin in mitigating their losses.

8. Once treatment has been agreed, we are then able to proceed efficiently with providing a suitable recommended course of physio.
9. At each stage in the process we are able to check on the progression of treatments, appointments and reporting.